miércoles, julio 30, 2008

[Video] Norah Jones Sings "Don't Know Why" on Sesame Street

You know you really I love this woman

domingo, julio 27, 2008

Peruvian Metal Steel - Chapter of Steel

Peruvian Metal Steel - Chapter of Steel - Tracklist

Aragorn - La Historia Prohibida
Warheart X - Valley of the Dreams
Orfeo - Entre Sombras
Sperantus - Sangre Metal
Sanguinaria - Sanguinaria
El Loco Cervantes - 5 Mentiras
Cobra - Scene of our End
Trafico - Mi País es Así
Dhernagort - El Llanto de Gea
Arcanus - Trono
Clerigo - En busca de tu Amor
Gangrel - Ángel de la Destrucción

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jueves, julio 24, 2008

XOOPS 2.30 Final Is Released

Finally the wait is over!!! The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.30 Final.This is the most significant XOOPS release in years, as it merges the two existent branches of 2.0 and 2.2 and is building a bridge towards our next generation of system XOOPS 3.0.

With XOOPS 2.3 releases, users will be able to learn some of new features that will be available in XOOPS 3.0, while developers can understand better the direction of XOOPS development, and designers can learn what features will be supported in the future.

Both backward and forward compatibility are guaranteed as much as possible. Modules written for 2.0.* and 2.2.* will work with 2.3; applications developed for 2.3 will be compatible with XOOPS 3.0 automatically.

Developers are encouraged to write their application modules on XOOPS 2.3 so they can incorporate some of the new features and ensure easy migration to XOOPS 3.0.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Installation and Upgrade instructions!!!

As always, before you upgrade, make a backup of your current Web site!!!

Download from Sourceforge repository.

XOOPS Web Site

jueves, julio 03, 2008

Debian Squeeze - The new Debian testing branch

"We are happy to publish yet another issue of our highly successful
motivational status updates. This month's issue contains, as reward for
your continued interest, the name for lenny's successor."

" We will continue to use Toy Story character names for lenny's successor, which will be called ``squeeze'' (three-eyed space alien). "

According with Debian-devel mailing list, we have a new debian testing branch caleed "Squeeze". Help us.