martes, julio 14, 2009

EuroPython 2009

WoW! EuroPython 2009

Just dropping a note to say that all the talks I videoed are now available

As a caveat, I'm going to re-encode the tutorials due to an issue with ffmpeg
creating invalid data streams (causing a loss of a/v sync for some of the
tutorials, which is a little disconcerting).

For those curious, the full list is this:

Key Notes

Europython Welcome

Bletchley Park

Bruce Eckel

Cory Doctorow

Guido Keynote *nearly* ;-) :-)

Steve Holden - PSF and Us keynote

Steve Holden - After Dinner Talk (shakeycam)

Tony Hoare

Other Talks

gSculpt 3d Modeller

Windmill Testing

Making Money with Python

Python and Java

Python and Nuke


RJDJ Reality Morph

QCake 3d Game Maker and Python



py.test Tutorial

PyGTK Tutorial (not as "photogenic" as others, due to its nature)

Europython Kamaelia Tutorial

Lightning Talks

"Be Afraid"

Collaborations in Healthcare

Distributed Version Control Systems

Django Widget for Large Selections

Django - not Cows Doing Space Travel



Hack like an Evil Overlord

Help Tiddly Web - Unintentional Web Data Store

Internet Surveillance and Censorship

Jacob Hallen - Political Activism

Nagare Web Framework

Not Crashing a Car

Psyco v2 Talk

PyCharm intelli-j Plugin

Python and Excel

Python as Platform for Teaching Maths

Python at CWI

Python Community Germany

Python for Numerical Science

Python System Information

Reducing Database Load by Fifty Percent

Reimplementating (part of) the Google App Engine

Self Services Terminals

Service Station

Using Python to make 50 million per year

The Cloud In Five

TPS Reports in Django

Turbo Gears Meets Cubic Web

Turtles In Cairo

TwOTPp Twisted OTP Erlang From Python

Visualising Egg Dependencies

Writing Games - Pygame Fenix

Writing USB Drivers using Python

Source: Michael Spark's mail ;)
Talk Material :

sábado, julio 04, 2009

Quotes of the Day: Bob Ippolito said

Bob Ippolito said:


The Pylons approach works quite well if you already know what you're doing. There's a whole lot of brain damage in some of the choices Django and TurboGears have made and neither were tolerable for me so rather than building our own framework we could simply use Pylons and configure it with the pieces we needed. We've built a lot of homegrown stuff on top of it, but we'd have done that anyway because no framework ships with solutions that worked for some of our needs.

The people I've hired with previous Django experience much prefer working on our Pylons based architecture than hacking around Django's cruft. For us, the conceptual integrity is perfectly intact in how we do projects across our business and we don't need as big of a crutch as what you're used to.

If the Pylons project magically changed into what you suggest it should be, then we wouldn't use it. I don't want Mako or Django's templates. Our home-grown auth/authz, caching, and model systems (more than one db involved, though using SQLAlchemy for plumbing) serve our needs better than anything out of a box could."