viernes, agosto 29, 2008

XOOPS makes the Finals for Best CMS at Packt Publishing!!!

We are very proud to announce that thanks to the support from our XOOPS Community, XOOPS made to the final of the Best PHP Open Source CMS in the 2008 Open Source CMS Award!!!!

Yes, XOOPS is BACK!!!! And we couldn't be more happy!!!!

Our big "THANK YOU" to all the XOOPS supporters who took the time to nominate us for this Award!

The official voting will start on Sept. 1, 2008 - we'll keep you posting!

Right now let's celebrate and enjoy the moment!!!

Source: XOOPS Web site

sábado, agosto 23, 2008

Say GoodBye, LeRoi Moore

I am DMB Fanatic. I feel bad when I heard about LeRoi Moore died of complications from an ATV accident that occurred on June 30, 2008. Moore was driving a four wheel all terrain vehicle on his farm in Charlottesville, Virginia when he crashed, breaking ribs and puncturing a lung. He spent a few days in the hospital and was released. In mid July Moore suffered complications, attributed to the accident, and was hospitalized again.

RIP LeRoi. You will be missed.

viernes, agosto 15, 2008

21 años

Lo primero que he hecho es, buscar en Google Images "21 años". Lo primero que encuentras es gente en bolas. Por lo que no hablare nada al respecto. Tengo la bandeja de gmail que revienta de mensajes de felicitaciones, la mayoria de estos son de servicios a los que estoy suscrito, de amigos, conocidos y usuarios.

No tengo mucho que decir, ya que estoy de pasada en el blog. Tengo el dia ocupado con mil huevadas por hacer, entre pendientes y exámenes que se vienen la próxima semana. Por otro lado, tuve una pequeña reunión con la gente en donde estudio, jugamos billar (...literal, por que yo no juego), tomamos, y hablamos huevadas. No encontre el jodido cable de mi celular, si no colgaria los videos... pero en fin. Pa otro dia mas.

Y mas tarde pienso perderme, con mis amigos de toda la vida.

Ya falta poco y las clases se acabarán. Pronto viajaré a Argentina a ver a Dave Matthews Band, si todo sale bien.

jueves, agosto 14, 2008

Mañana es mi cumpleaños

Mañana es mi cumpleaños. Me levantaré con un año más de alegrías y penas, miraré el móvil y tendré unos cuantos mensajes de gente a la que no sé realmente si tengo que agradecerles que se acuerden. Vendrán llamadas por teléfono, algunos de mis amigos me preguntarán si hay algún plan, por ser mi cumpleaños. Les diré que no tenía nada planeado.
Lo estoy viendo. Mañana me levantaré, y me diré a mí mismo: “Es mi cumpleaños. Tengo un año más, el día de hoy tiene que salir perfecto. Aunque se que es un día más.”
Es curioso cómo se siente uno cuando cumple años. Vas por la calle y te crees que todo el mundo debería tener la obligación de saber que es tu cumpleaños, que hoy deben tratarte de forma especial, porque es tu cumpleaños....

martes, agosto 12, 2008

Before These Crowded Streets - Dave Matthews Band...

Many of you who know me well might be wondering where the Dave Matthews Band albums have been on my countdown; I figured I would include other favorites of mine, with this being the pinnacle. As my favorite band, it's only fitting that this, "Before These Crowded Streets ," gets the title of my favorite album.

Ask any die-hard DMB fan and they're sure to tell you; they just don't make albums like this anymore. From the first the first beat of "Pantala Naga Pampa," to the last note of "Spoon," the album is perfection, a complete album, if you will. At the time, it was a completely different sound for DMB, much darker with a different vibe then their previous albums. Every single song segues into the next.

Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets

If you want to get really creative and listen to the entire CD backwards, it'll flow just the same and just as nicely. DMB also had quite a few guests stop by and play with them such as Tim Reynolds, Bela Fleck, Greg Howard, and even Alanis Morrisette. This is the sole album that has made me the DMB fanatic that I am today.

Songs such as "Halloween," "The Last Stop," "Dreaming Tree," and "Spoon" are considered gems when played live. Other songs such as "Pig," "Rapunzel," "The Stone," and "Crush" are some of DMB's best live works. This album transcends beautifully in the studio and in concert, not too many other bands can pull off an album like this.

When the popular question states, "If you had to take just one CD on a desert island with you what would it be," my answer has always been, Dave Matthews Band's, "Before These Crowded Streets"

Update: Here you are! A Behind The Scenes Look of Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets Promo Album.