viernes, marzo 07, 2008

The most important question or answer

Be My Friend - at flickr.comDuring my first semester in the Institute, our Teacher gave us a quiz. I was a student knowingly and (But unfortunately I was a bad mathematics student) so I quickly read all questions, until I read the latest:

"What is the name of The woman who cleans the school?"

Surely Is this some kind of joke? I had seen many times a woman who cleaned the institute. She was high, dark hair, as fifty years, but How I was going to know her name?

I had given my exam, leaving the last question in blank.

At the end of the class, someone asked the teacher if the last question would note for the exam. "Absolutely", the Teacher said. In your careers you will know many people. All are important, they deserve your attention and care, even if they only smile and say, 'Hello!' "

I never forgot that lesson. I also learned that her name was Olenka. (I think, I forget it ) LOL! :D

But even more important, We are all important.

Photo: Crazy Monster #3 - Be My Friend Thank you Tricia!

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