lunes, setiembre 14, 2009

XOOPS 2.4.0 RC Is Released

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Disponible la primera versión candidata de XOOPS 2.4


After over 25,000 downloads of XOOPS 2.3.3 in just five months, the #1 CMS System hosted on SourceForge, is getting closer to the next major release. The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.4.0 Release Candidate.

This release includes many bugfixes and user experience improvements, done by XOOPS Core Development Team and XOOPS community. Major improvements include:

* a new Admin GUI (Voltan),
* new mechanism to modularize and extend Core via Preloads (trabis),
* central support for jQuery (trabis),
* improved Installer (DuGris),
* WCAG 2.0 - Sight Impaired Assisted Forms (wishcraft)

and many more.

New in Release Candidate (in addition to bug fixes):
Updates upon community:
- Removed soap authentication and classes(trabis)
- Removed extra databases support (trabis)

They will be revisited for the next release.

Some of the changes in Beta 2 (in addition to bug fixes):
* Admin GUI's are now using a theme factory, modules can make use of $xoTheme and $xoopsTpl (trabis)
* Preload system, modules can now respond to system events (trabis)
* Support for PHP 5.3 (trabis)
* jquery support. If you need to use jquery.js, please use $xoTheme->addScript('browse.php?Frameworks/jquery/jquery.js'); (trabis/phppp)

Some of the new/changed areas in Beta 1:
- profile and pm modules improved by dhcst/wishcraft
- installer improved by dugris and marco, etc.
- theme improved by mamba, aph3x, kris and burning
- tinymce editor improved by dugris and luciorota
- snoopy class upgraded by julionc
- smarty upgraded by dhcst/trabis
- bug tracker managed by marco
- new Admin Theme "Oxygen" by Voltan

Please remember:This release is ONLY for testing! Do NOT use it on productions sites. And if you're installing it over previous test installation, make a BACKUP first!
Please also note that some hacks done for previous XOOPS versions might not work with this release: testing before installing is always a good choice

Download it from Sourceforge repository.

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